Problems With Your Fusion Transmission?
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While representing thousands of clients in our first mass action, in which we represented owners of the Ford Focus and Fiesta that experienced transmission problems, we were frequently contacted by owners of the Ford Fusion, complaining that their vehicles experienced similar transmission problems. While the Focus and Fiesta rely upon the PowerShift transmission, the Fusion has a different assembly that also warrants concern and requires action on Ford’s behalf to, once again, make things right.

The problems Fusion owners have faced are, actually, very similar to the problems experienced by Focus and Fiesta owners. Hesitation during acceleration, significant shuddering and costly repairs have been frequently reported, with Ford similarly denying responsibility. When we once again heard that Fusion owners had been handed a paper that ‘explained’ how these issues were ‘normal,’ we immediately took action, just as we did for owners of the Focus and Fiesta.

We’ve come to learn from our experiences with Ford and owners of the Focus and Fiesta that often the manufacturer’s first move with these cars is to discourage concerns as ‘simple operational functions.’ While the problems with the Fusion do not seem as systemic as the issues with the PowerShift, we encourage any Fusion owner who has had transmission repairs performed on their Fusion to contact us immediately. With a transmission relying upon a control module to shift, software and hardware issues can create wear-and-tear on the car, and continued problems that should not be your responsibility.

Here’s more information about the problem with the Fusion:

·         Hundreds of complaints related to harsh or delayed shifting of automatics
·         Reported problems jumped significantly (nearly 400%) from 2010 through the 2014 models
·         Complaints emerging from as early as 2012 about the failure of the transmission setup
·         Facing sudden deceleration and/or loss of power with your Ford Fusion? 
·         Customer satisfaction programs are already in effect for the vehicle for other acceleration-related issues so have your vehicle checked
·         Have a look at just a few user experiences and how prevalent the Fusion ‘transmission’ issue is

Are you having transmission issues with your Ford Fusion?

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Contact us as soon as possible to join our Fusion mass action. With no cost to you, now or down the road (meaning no charges or percentage of your award), our mass action provides you the opportunity to make a legal claim for your car without the fear of ever paying for an attorney. What’s more, with our ability to shift attorney fees to Ford, all parties are incentivized to make the situation right. Given no offer will be accepted without your approval, our case allows you to get Ford’s attention to make your Ford Fusion issues right, once and for all. If you are an owner in California with transmission issues, click here.

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