Help With Your Ford Focus, Fiesta Class Action Claim

So you either waited too long to contact us, or you just discovered how your Focus or Fiesta will automatically be included in Ford’s recent class action settlement. Reading over our website, you can tell we’re not fans of the agreement Ford entered with a Class Action law firm in California. However, unless you’ve opted-out, once the settlement receives final approval on October 2nd, you will now be required to work within the rules set forth in the class action settlement to recover any compensation. However, even if you haven’t opted-out, the good news is that we may still be able to help you. Of course we preferred to opt you out of the class action settlement, but for many of you, we know this didn’t happen or wasn’t possible. However, with our knowledge of the process and experience in this area, we can still provide you with help securing the buyback so many of you we know deserve.


For those that haven’t opted out of Ford’s class action settlement, Stern Law is now reviewing and accepting requests for a complete buyback from owners of 2011-16 Fiesta and 2012-16 Focus vehicles who have had more than one transmission-related part replacement for their vehicle. For these owners, we can still pursue a l full buyback within Ford’s established arbitration setting. There are still some uncertainties about how this will work in practice, and the fairness of the process, but we’ll be with you every step of the way to make certain that you receive all the compensation that you’re legally entitled to receive.


What does this mean for you? If you have faced transmission issues and repairs with your vehicle, we’re ready to help. And perhaps the best part: our clients will pay us nothing for us to assist in their claim. Our firm feels so strongly about the complete failure the PowerShift transmission represents that we are still willing to provide you with our decades of experiences without charging our clients any attorney fee.  All legal fees will be shifted to Ford for payment. Our clients will still keep their entire award.


Wondering why you need legal representation after Ford sent you a postcard offering you $2325 and a buyback? Perhaps now is the best time to read the fine print of that offer:

·         First and foremost, that same postcard was mailed to every owner, past or present, that Ford had on record for these vehicles – nothing on it is customized to you or the problems you have had with your vehicle. Instead, it’s a court-required notification that many missed or never received.
·         Second, when you read into the agreement, you will immediately recognize that the clear majority of owners will not qualify for much in the settlement’s ‘inconvenience’ payout. The $2325 mentioned required eight transmission part-replacements occurring on eight separate visits. The vast majority of owners will have only received 1-3 part replacements on 2-3 visits, which would entitle them to around $200. And the doubling afforded by the settlement for those choosing Ford credit over cash must be used within 12 months unless another repair occurs.
·         Third, there is no $2325 and a buyback.  If you do qualify for the inconvenience payouts and a buyout, you only get one; if Ford has paid you $2325 already and the arbitrator decides you qualify for a buyback, the money paid out by Ford will be reduced by the $2325.
·         Sadly, that’s not all. For more information on how the class action fails owners, read our page on the topic here.

Note:  The class action settlement has still not received final approval now. That means that any client who signs on to be represented in their class action buyback request would be included in our mass action if the settlement does not receive final approval. This would allow owners to also pursue issues like depreciation and fraud claims in our mass action, as outlined in our filings.



We do not advise ANY owner of these vehicles to enter the Ford class action settlement without experienced legal representation. Don’t get trapped fighting alone in an arbitration setting with rules were that may help Ford, not you.  Contact us today to find out how our firm will fight for you and pursue the maximum compensation you are entitled to.