There is a very real problem with the automatic transmission in recent Ford Focus and Ford Fiesta automobiles. 

Our goal is to help owners get what they deserve

No owner of a recent Ford Focus or Fiesta purchased their car believing it would result in legal action down the road. Yet, unfortunately, this is the reality for owners of these cars purchased in the last 6-7 years. Unrelated to poor driving or reckless ownership, the problems with the automatic transmission in the Ford Focus and Ford Fiesta are due to poor manufacturing and design

You may have noticed a dramatic hesitation as you accelerate. Perhaps a weird sound or a shudder caught your attention. Countless owners have brought their vehicle into a dealership and requested help with the problem. Yet, despite repairs, the problem persists.  

The only solution moving forward is to ensure your legal rights are protected.

As noted by one famous English essayist,

One shining quality lends a lustre to another, or hides some glaring defect.
— -William Hazlitt (1778-1830)

While the transmission was intended to increase gas mileage... it's instead created real problems

Pointing to the innovative PowerShift Transmission as a true asset to owners of automatic Focus and Fiesta models, Ford compromised the quality of its product and its ability to provide safe, effective, and consistent driving results.

  • Constant software updates have not resolved the issue
  • Frequent repairs of transmission and modules have not resolved the issue
  • Ford has otherwise not corrected the defect
  • The next step is for owners to act and protect their financial investment by joining the mass legal action we are filing on behalf of owners
  • Doing so will result in us working to protect your rights and taking action for Ford's failure to provide peace of mind on the roadways for these owners

It's time to take action to resolve issues with your Ford Focus or Ford Fiesta. Contact us today!