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Our law firm represents thousands of current and former Focus and Fiesta owners, in claims against Ford for their continued use of the faulty PowerShift transmission system.  Filed as a mass action, these claims will be individually evaluated and ultimately resolved based upon their own, individual merit due to the same claim that Ford knowingly manufactured and has failed to correct a defective transmission. This, in turn, limits the costs associated with each case and leaves more money for the owners.

What does this mean?

Each state has a variety of consumer protection laws aimed at helping customers when an item they purchase does not work as advertised or expected. You may have heard of the automobile ‘lemon law,’ but there is also a national consumer protection law known as the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act.  These laws serve and protect consumers by shielding them from improper business practices surrounding defective products. In short, these laws hold a business accountable when their product fails.

In the case of Focus and Fiesta automobiles, this means two things: one, a vehicle that has continuously failed to operate properly despite repeated repair attempts can qualify for ‘relief’ in a Court of law. Second, under various state-specific Lemon laws and the national Magnuson-Moss warranty claims, Ford is responsible for the payment of legal fees and costs. As such, by filing as a part of our firm’s mass action, Focus and Fiesta owners left in the cold by Ford can receive financial compensation without owing our firm for the fees or costs of our representation. Again, this mass action costs owners nothing with no percentage taken from their award by our firm.

How is this different than a class action, or other Lemon law cases?

Simple: your problems are handled on an individual basis and we will not charge you, the owner, up-front for our services. Consumer laws allow for fee-shifting.  This means that the manufacturer will have to pay the firm’s attorney fees and costs that were accumulated in the case for representing you in the matter per consumer protection laws such as state Lemon Law, and Magnuson Moss Warranty Act.

As a mass action against Ford under these consumer protection laws, you will not be charged any fee by our firm – we will bill Ford directly for the time spent handling your case when we are successful on your behalf.  Some Lemon lawyers may seek to charge you a percentage of your recovery for your losses.  We do not.

This is also unlike a class action case where lawyers will typically take percentage of your recovery as their fee. Class actions typically will richly compensate the lawyers, while providing clients with a useless $500 coupon towards a future Ford vehicle and one more repair. This is a carefully selected action that seeks to do what’s right for car owners, not what’s most profitable for a law firm.

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