Transmission Problems Surround the
2012-16 Ford Focus, 2011-16 Fiesta

That sound you hear... the hesitation you feel. It's not just you. Drivers across the country have faced problems with the automatic transmission in their Ford Fiesta or Ford Focus. 

Make no mistake: this is not just an issue of inconvenience or cost. There are very real safety issues involved when it comes to the PowerShift transmission in these vehicles. 

If your Ford Focus or Ford Fiesta with automatic transmission experiences difficulty shifting gears, accelerating from a stop or decelerating properly, learn more about your options. Thousands of drivers still do not know that the problem is not with them - the problem is their vehicle. But all owners of the Ford Focus and Ford Fiesta deserve a vehicle that operates properly and safely.



Better understand the issues and facts surrounding our mass action, specifically why drivers need to take action and why simple repairs are not the remedy owners need.
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